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THE AA recently reported the seizure of Britain’s rise of uninsured vehicle since 2005 – on average 500 cars have been seized each day. Car insurance Swansea is, of course, a legal requirement for driving in the UK. But also a costly necessity.

According to research by, London amongst other cities in the UK face the highest premiums in the country. If you have an east London postcode, you will be paying an average of £938.10 to insure your car – four times the cost in Perth, Scotland.

But there are some simple steps you can take to save money if you want cheap car insurance Swansea.


If you only expect to make short journeys, “reducing your mileage allowance can probably save you between 5 and 10 per cent,” says Kevin Pratt, insurance spokesman at In theory the logic behind the math is that drivers who travel less are less likely to be involved in an accident than those who travel more frequently.

Although you should always be honest with your insurers most companies will allow for an extra of 1000 miles more than stated in an initial quote.


Another issue that may raise your premiums is the security of the vehicle. More importantly where and how the vehicle is stored, coupled with the presence of any alarm or immobilizers attached to the vehicle that will make it a less opportunistic catch for any wannabe car thief’s lurking within Swansea.


One of the largest factors in determining a vehicles premium is the model and year of the vehicle. Most insurers will grade a vehicle on a band of between 1 and 50, 50 being the most expensive vehicles to insure such as a Ferrari or Aston martin. This once again will increase and sometimes lower as the vehicle gets older.

So in order to gain car insurance Swansea please be aware to shop for a new or used car wisely.

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Ford focu georgio
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ford focus
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Ford Fiesta 1,388cc For sale Horley
Ford Fiesta 1,388cc For sale Horley Read More
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