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If you’re looking for a car loan or car finance in Moray, you’ve got it with tradeacar. We advertise the best car finance companies in Moray and across the UK, for all types of credit ratings.

You might think that if you have a less than perfect credit history you’ll struggle to find car finance, let alone a competitive deal. That’s why we only advertise car finance companies that will offer you different level of interest rates based on your credit rating.

These car finance companies will look at your individual circumstances, and make decisions based on you, not purely on credit files.

It’s not necessarily a problem if you don’t have a deposit to put down. Most Car Finance companies will help you with a variety of options and part exchanges to suit your criteria.

So why not click on our approved car finance Moray companies and get your ideal car today!

Car leasing Moray

This is more like a long-term rental, in that you make fixed monthly payments to use the car until the contract expires. There are two main types of car leasing Moray – personal contract hire (PCH) and personal contract purchase (PCP).

The payments tend to be lower than with other types of car finance, but there’s a mileage restriction. And with PCH you’ll never own the car, whereas with PCP you have the option of buying the car at the end of the contract by making a ‘balloon payment’.

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Ford focu georgio
Ford focu georgio Read More
  • £2,000.00
ford focus
ford focus Read More
  • 53000 MI
  • £4,495.00
Ford Fiesta 1,388cc For sale Horley
Ford Fiesta 1,388cc For sale Horley Read More
  • 46000 MI
  • £4,295.00
Nissan X-Trail 2.2 TDI 2004
Nissan X-Trail 2.2 TDI 2004 Read More
  • 61000 MI
  • £5,495.00
ford Read More
  • £
Ford focu georgio
Ford focu georgio Read More
  • £2,000.00
ford focus
ford focus Read More
  • 53000 MI
  • £4,495.00
Ford Fiesta 1,388cc For sale Horley
Ford Fiesta 1,388cc For sale Horley Read More
  • 46000 MI
  • £4,295.00

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